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Spline curve and surface play an important role in CAD and computer graphics. In this paper, we propose several extensions of cubic uniform B-spline. Then, we present the extensions of interpolating α-B-spline based on the new B-splines and the singular blending technique. The advantage of the extensions is that they have global and local shape parameters.(More)
In this paper, we are concerned with the instability problem of a 3-D transonic oblique shock wave for the steady supersonic flow past an infinitely long sharp wedge. The flow is assumed to be isentropic and irrotational. It was indicated in pages 317 of [9] that if a steady supersonic flow comes from minus infinity and hits a sharp symmetric wedge, then it(More)
Resources, environment, food, and sustainable development (REFS) are the topics of the world. There are many factors in the current world that limit plant productivity and resources utilization including objective and subjective aspects. More efforts should be made to know the physiological mechanisms for plants responding to abiotic stresses such as salt,(More)
Salvia dugesii is an invasive plant in Yunnan, China. To tentatively explore its utilization, a systematic phytochemical investigation was carried out on this plant, which led to the isolation of five new neo-clerodane diterpenoids, dugesins C–G (1–5), together with six known ones. Their structures were determined by comprehensive NMR and MS spectroscopic(More)
In order to exchange data between PDE (partial differential equation) modeling technique and the conventional CAD (computer aided design) systems, this paper presents a novel algorithm for approximating PDE surface by tensor product Bézier surface based on constrained optimization. The algorithm is also improved by the subdivision property of tensor product(More)
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