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Optical methods for sensing and imaging oxygen: materials, spectroscopies and applications.
We review the current state of optical methods for sensing oxygen. These have become powerful alternatives to electrochemical detection and in the process of replacing the Clark electrode in manyExpand
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An arithmetic rule for spatial summation of excitatory and inhibitory inputs in pyramidal neurons
Dendritic integration of excitatory and inhibitory inputs is critical for neuronal computation, but the underlying rules remain to be elucidated. Based on realistic modeling and experiments in ratExpand
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Luminescent probes and sensors for temperature.
Temperature (T) is probably the most fundamental parameter in all kinds of science. Respective sensors are widely used in daily life. Besides conventional thermometers, optical sensors are consideredExpand
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A CsPbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dot/Graphene Oxide Composite for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction.
  • Y. Xu, Mu-Zi Yang, +4 authors C. Su
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • 18 April 2017
Halide perovskite quantum dots (QDs), primarily regarded as optoelectronic materials for LED and photovoltaic devices, have not been applied for photochemical conversion (e.g., water splitting or CO2Expand
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Fiber-optic chemical sensors and biosensors (2008-2012).
■ CONTENTS Books, Reviews, and Articles of General Interest 488 Sensors for (Dissolved) Gases and Vapors 489 Hydrogen 489 Hydrocarbons 490 Oxygen 491 Ammonia 493 Carbon Dioxide 494 Nitrogen OxidesExpand
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Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensors and Biosensors (2013-2015).
Xu-dong Wang*,† and Otto S. Wolfbeis*,‡ †Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, 200433 Shanghai, P. R. China ‡Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Chemoand Biosensors, University of Regensburg,Expand
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Simultaneous photographing of oxygen and pH in vivo using sensor films.
in vivo is a fast-growing fieldbecause these species can be observed and quantified overwholeareasratherthanatasinglepointofmeasurement.Thisfeature is particularly important in biomedical sciencesExpand
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In Situ Construction of a Cs2SnI6 Perovskite Nanocrystal/SnS2 Nanosheet Heterojunction with Boosted Interfacial Charge Transfer.
Heterojunction engineering has played an indispensable role in the exploitation of innovative artificial materials with excep-tional properties and has consequently triggered a new revolution inExpand
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Selective synthesis of human milk fat-style structured triglycerides from microalgal oil in a microfluidic reactor packed with immobilized lipase.
Human milk fat-style structured triacylglycerols were produced from microalgal oil in a continuous microfluidic reactor packed with immobilized lipase for the first time. A remarkably high conversionExpand
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Ultra-small, highly stable, and sensitive dual nanosensors for imaging intracellular oxygen and pH in cytosol.
We report on the first dual nanosensors for imaging of pH values and oxygen partial pressure in cells. The sensors have a unique nanostructure in that a soft core structure is rigidized with a silaneExpand
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