Xu Deng

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Coating is an essential step in adjusting the surface properties of materials. Superhydrophobic coatings with contact angles greater than 150° and roll-off angles below 10° for water have been developed, based on low-energy surfaces and roughness on the nano- and micrometer scales. However, these surfaces are still wetted by organic liquids such as(More)
In a gas membrane, gas is transferred between a liquid and a gas through a microporous membrane. The main challenge is to achieve a high gas transfer while preventing wetting and clogging. With respect to the oxygenation of blood, haemocompatibility is also required. Here we coat macroporous meshes with a superamphiphobic-or liquid repellent-layer to meet(More)
It is generally expected that inter-annual changes in radial growth among trees would be similar to the increase in altitude due to the limitation of increasingly harsher climatic factors. Here, we examine whether this pattern exists in alpine forests on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau. Increment cores were collected from mature trees at the lower, middle(More)
The aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation of polyethylene glycols (PEGs) in a model wastewater was investigated employing sludge microbes from Xiamen Terylene plant. The effect of molecular weight (MW) on the aerobic/anaerobic biodegradation of PEGs was assessed by performing shake flasks/sealed flasks experiments, respectively, using organic model(More)
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