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With the rapid on-line business development of the commercial banks and the great changes of management circumstances and operating modes which make the traditional risk management confronted with challenges, the e-commerce risk management becomes an important issue of theory and practice. This paper outlines several kinds of e-commerce security risks of(More)
Universal forgery attacks and selected forgery attacks on both weak and strong blind signature schemes based on Elgamal signature equation proposed by Wang et al. are developed. Without using any secret key, anyone can forge a valid signature through selecting some random parameters. The possibility of forging the blind schemes is analyzed and moreover, an(More)
In this study, we used a domains perspective to classify the differences between leader behavior and LMX. And we examined the mediated contribution of leader-member exchange to the relationship between TF (transformational leader behavior) and the subordinates' efficacy beliefs (self-efficacy beliefs and collective efficacy beliefs) across cultures (Chinese(More)
The credit risk assessment is the most difficulty in the credit risk management in commercial banks, so the combination method of principal component analysis and BP neural network based on biology nerve cell was introduced in detail according to the idea of combination forecasting. The principle component analysis is used to handle on input variables in(More)
Employee turnover is one of the most durable issues in both organizational behavior research and human resource management practice. Although a great deal of employee turnover models has been well established, much of these researches have not considered the differences between occupation groups. In an effort to fill this theoretical gap, the present study(More)
Although a great deal of employee turnover models have been well established, previous study on employee turnover has focused on either organization- or individual-level analysis; no framework exists for simultaneously examining individual variables and organizational characteristics. In an effort to fill this theoretical gap, the present investigation(More)
How to upgrade the human resource ability in institutes of national defense industry has been an involved problem for a long time. In this paper, the propose of building personnel training 'product line' is brought out. Through building a set of information platform of human resource aimed at ability upgrading, which is adapt to the characters of national(More)
Financial data reflects the development situation and the operating results of an enterprise. The development of hi-tech enterprises has been gaining extensive attention, the use of financial data to evaluate its integrated ability is necessary. After the selection of financial indexes to elevate this integrated ability and through a questionnaire survey of(More)
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