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Reliable communication is essential for the success of global collaborative software development efforts. Software development organizations and methodologies must be tailored to avoid communications issues which may result in misunderstood requirements or missed project milestones. Extreme Programming (XP) was adopted for the Lattice/sup /spl reg// Trading(More)
Requirement changes and the involved rework are inevitable if the requirement changes could not be foreseen. Extreme programming (XP) suggests the customer be on site with the developers. The requirement changes may be forecast by the on site customer from the business perspective and by the developers from the technology perspective. Extreme programming(More)
Let χ λ (cf (1.1)) be the unit spectral projection operator with respect to the Laplace-Beltrami operator ∆ on a closed Riemannian manifold M. We generalize the (L 2 , L ∞) estimate of χ λ by Hörmander [3] to those of covariant derivatives of χ λ Moreover we extend the (L 2 , L p) estimates of χ λ by Sogge [7] [8] to (L 2 , Sobolev L p) estimates of χ λ .
Since there are mass of images in the outward-appearance patent-image database, a retrieval approach developed for this database is greatly demanded. The shape information of the patent image is the key feature for a patent image. Therefore, we present an outward-appearance patent images retrieval approach based on contour-description matrix. This matrix(More)
Let G be a homotopically trivial and effective compact Lie group action on a compact manifold N of nonpositive curvature. Under certain assumptions on N we prove that if G has dimension equal to rank of Center π 1 (N), then G must be connected. Furthermore, if on N there exists a point having negative definite Ricci tensor, then we show that G is the(More)
Accelerating Genetic Algorithm (AGA)'s disadvantages of unable to search the optimal solution when the solution is in the boundary of feasible region was proved through theoretical analysis and numerical experimentation. The solution of adding random individuals whose variable obeying to saddle distribution into initial population to increase the ability of(More)
For inter-frame motion characteristics of slowly moving small target, this paper is proposed a target detection algorithm based on relevant frames. This method use improved spatial high-pass filter for image pre-processing to improve signal to noise ratio of small targets; extract candidate target point by binary segmentation, and then conduct inter-frame(More)
With reference to the idea of component design for workshop production business, a workflow and multi-agent based Reconfigurable Platform of Manufacturing Execution System (RPMES) is presented. The configurable workshop production business can be handled, and the MES application system can correspondingly adjust with its change. The KQML is expanded to(More)
On the basis of analyzing of ship high voltage power system, established the ship diesel engine, ship high-voltage synchronous generator, excitation controller and load mathematical model, etc. The Matlab/simulink software was used to establish mathematical model and simulation, under sudden reduce and heavy load conditions, obtained the data of ship high(More)