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A new modified signal - the stepped-frequency train of LFM pulses with modulation of MPS (minimum peak sidelobe) biphasic coding and Costas frequency coding is proposed, whose spectrum function and ambiguity function are deduced respectively. Then the processing measure of the ranging system is illustrated in detail and the principle of the measure is(More)
A novel deceptive moving targets jamming method to synthetic aperture radar (SAR) based on airborne platform is proposed to protect the important moving military targets. The principle of deceptive moving targets jamming is presented and the deceptive modulation function is deduced. Following, the influences of the position and velocity measuring error of(More)
Compressed sensing has been applied to achieve high resolution range profiles (HRRPs) using a stepped-frequency radar. In this new scheme, much fewer pulses are required to recover the target's strong scattering centers, which can greatly reduce the coherent processing interval (CPI) and improve the anti-jamming capability. For practical applications,(More)
In this paper, the radar phenomenology of high voltage transmission line (HVTL) is studied for examining the feasibility of recognizing HVTL using the horizontal polarization millimeter-wave radar system. For this purpose, horizontal polarization RCS and high resolution range profile (HRRP) of some HVTL are calculated at 34 GHz. Based on the observed(More)
The random pulse initial phase radar has potential applications in suppressing digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) repeat jamming, due to the significant differences between the repeat jamming and the true target echo in phases. However, owing to phase randomness and existence of false targets, the high sidelobe pedestal generated in correlation(More)