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Soft tissues are anisotropic materials yet a majority of mechanical property tests have been uniaxial, which often failed to recapitulate the tensile response in other directions. This paper aims to study the feasibility of determining material parameters of anisotropic tissues by uniaxial extension with a minimal loss of anisotropic information. We assumed(More)
Hypoglycemia can cause rapid and severe brain damage. We studied the impact of hypoglycemic brain damage in the insulin-induced hypoglycemic rats. Thirty male rats were divided into normal blood sugar control group (group A), the blank group (group B), and the experimental group which was further divided into four groups according to the level of blood(More)
Muscle force prediction: can we rely on musculoskeletal model estimations? A case study on push force exertions with the upper limb S. Duprey, L. Savonnet, N. Black & X. Wang a Université de Lyon, Lyon, France b Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Villeurbanne, France c LBMC Laboratoire de Biomécanique et Mécanique des Chocs, IFSTTAR, Bron, France d(More)
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