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McManus Design Award Undergraduate and Graduate students in M&AE: Judgment criteria based on a technical paper of single or joint authorship presenting an original solution to a design problem or project. Seniors and M.Eng. students in M&AE. Award based on excellence in aerospace engineering, as demonstrated through coursework or an innovative design(More)
This paper proposes a novel liver cancer identification method based on PSO-SVM. First, the region of interest (ROI) is determined by Lazy-Snapping, and various texture features are extracted from ROI. Afterwards, F-score algorithm is applied to select relevant features, based on which liver cancer classifier is designed by combining parallel Support Vector(More)
West Antarctic ice shelves have thinned dramatically over recent decades. Oceanographic measurements that explore connections between offshore warming and transport across a continental shelf with variable bathymetry toward ice shelves are needed to constrain future changes in melt rates. Six years of seal-acquired observations provide extensive(More)
In the title compound, C(16)H(16)N(4)O(3)·CH(3)OH, the aromatic rings form a dihedral angle of 0.4 (2)°. The nitro group is twisted from the attached benzene ring by 7.5 (2)°. In the crystal, N-H⋯O and O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds link alternating hydrazone and methanol mol-ecules into chains in [100]. The crystal packing exhibits π-π inter-actions between aromatic(More)
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