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Dynamic signal control is complex but important to increase intersection capacity and decrease delays at the same time. A genetic fuzzy logic model for multi-phase signal control at isolated intersections is developed in this study. This model is based on the sufficient fusion of hierarchical genetic algorithms with fuzzy logic, which can ensure the(More)
This paper presents a yellow license plate location algorithm employing RGB model of color image and black-white texture analysis of the plate directly to extract vehicle license plate from a complicated background image. According to the background color of the license plate in RGB color spaces, we transform the RGB image into a grayscale image directly as(More)
Vehicle safety traffic is a hot issue today. Because the factors of pre-warning decision are very complex, including weather, time, vehicle type, self-speed, relative speed and so on, those factors usually induces pre-warning decision of vehicle safety traffic not to meet real-time capability and high accuracy. Different weather, different vehicle types and(More)
In soft switched converters, the autonomous characteristic and complex boundary conditions bring forth complex dynamic behaviours different from those in hard switched converters characterized by fixed switched period. These characteristics also make present accurate modelling methods such as stroboscopic mapping modelling designed for fixed switching can't(More)
Applied excitation system of medium-small-scale synchronous generator as the object, studied on-line intelligent fault diagnosis and active fault tolerant control of nonlinear system. Presented hierarchical diagnosis method and intelligent diagnosis model based on fusion theory, whose diagnosis strategy fused qualitative reasoning with quantitative(More)
A systematic method for fault diagnosis of steam-turbine generator sets based on the combination of wavelet neural networks and particle swarm optimization is presented. Using the model of wavelet neural networks, we can not only extract the features of system but also predict the development of the fault. The features are applied to the proposed wavelet(More)