Xiying Wang

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Gesture input is a natural and effective interactive model. The tracking of deformable hand gesture is a very important task in gesture-based interaction. A novel real-time tracking approach is proposed to capture hand motion with single camera. It combines the characters of model-based and appearance-based method. The presented approach achieves(More)
In the U.S., hotels are a heavy energy-consuming sector. Yet they sometimes prioritize customer satisfaction over lower energy use. In this study, we discuss how mobile designs can help to motivate energy-saving behaviors while maintaining users' satisfaction. We conducted a diary study of 13 participants and an interview study of 20 participants to(More)
Saliency detection for images and videos has become increasingly popular due to its wide applicability. In this paper, we propose a novel bottom-up video saliency extraction method, which includes two parts: static saliency detection and dynamic saliency detection. Firstly, we consider the static saliency detection as a classification problem: a scene can(More)
Whether or not you are paying attention to sustainability, you may become interested in it by reading about it online, or learning sustainable knowledge from others. We designed a system called TweetDrops, which is designed to draw people's attention to the issue of sustainability and to help them to learn sustainability-related knowledge by using an(More)
This paper deals with the problem of state estimation for the vector-tracking loop of a software-defined Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. For a nonlinear system that has the model error and white Gaussian noise, a noise statistics estimator is used to estimate the model error, and based on this, a modified iterated extended Kalman filter (IEKF)(More)