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Although NF-κB1 p50/p105 has critical roles in immunity, the mechanism by which NF-κB1 regulates inflammatory responses is unclear. In this study, we analyzed the gene expression profile of LPS-stimulated Nfkb1(-/-) macrophages that lack both p50 and p105. Deficiency of p50/p105 selectively increased the expression of IFN-responsive genes, which correlated(More)
BACKGROUND Nfkb1-deficient murine macrophages express higher levels of IFN-β and IL-12 p40 following LPS stimulation than control macrophages, but the molecular basis for this phenomenon has not been completely defined. Nfkb1 encodes several gene products including the NF-κB subunit p50 and its precursor p105. p50 is derived from the N-terminal of 105, and(More)
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