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MapReduce is a state-of-the-art computation paradigm that is becoming widely used for processing large-scale datasets. Hadoop is an open-source implementation of MapReduce and follows a masterCslave architecture. This architecture makes Hadoop suffer from a single point of failure in the JobTracker. In this paper, we design a solution to resolve the single(More)
It is difficult to realize equipment resources sharing on network. Based on grid and simulation modeling technique, simulation-grid architecture is presented. Simulation models of sharing equipments are established in grid. Manipulating and optimally scheduling remote equipments are realized by operating the simulation models in simulation-grid system. The(More)
Local identification method provides one point in the parametric space, which locally minimizes the criteria, the deviation of the object output and the model output. However, for process control system modeling, it often exists a set of points that satisfy to minimize the criteria. This paper proposed a global identification method, which is based on the(More)
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