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We present a series of efficient near-infrared (NIR) Cr3+-doped non-gallate long-persistence phosphors (Zn2SnO4: Cr and Zn(2-x) Al2xSn(1-x)O4: Cr) and highlight their special optical characteristics of broad emission band (650–1200 nm, peaking at 800 nm) and long afterglow duration (435 h). In the context of materials selection, these systems successfully(More)
A variety of materials sintered in different atmosphere have been well investigated, but there are few reports on the long-persistent phosphorescent materials, especially the near-infrared long-persistent phosphorescent materials sintered in various atmosphere. Changing the surrounding atmosphere is an effective method to improve the afterglow properties of(More)
We present a novel "Top-down" strategy to design the long phosphorescent phosphors in the second biological transparency window via energy transfer. Inherence in this approach to material design involves an ingenious engineering for hybridizing the coordination networks of hosts, tailoring the topochemical configuration of dopants, and bridging a cascaded(More)
There are many reports on long persistent phosphors (LPPs) applied in bioimaging. However, there are few reports on LPPs applied in photothermal therapy (PTT), and an integrated system with multiple functions of diagnosis and therapy. In this work, we fabricate effective multifunctional phosphors Zn3 Ga2 SnO8 : Cr(3+) , Nd(3+) , Gd(3+) with NIR persistent(More)
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