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Using decision tree algorithm C4.5 to establish a classification rule and an analysis-forecasting model for students’marks. Describing how the analysis-forecasting result can be used to find out the factors which can affect students’ marks, so some negative learning habits or behaviors of students can be revealed and corrected in time. And(More)
Cervical lesions and invasive cervical carcinomas are frequently associated with the amplification of chromosome 3q, which harbors the human telomerase gene hTERC. The differential diagnosis between low-grade and high-grade cervical lesions has been a clinical challenge in cytopathology. In the current study, we evaluated hTERC amplification by fluorescence(More)
Abstract—As an important image feature, a corner takes significant position in camera calibration, pattern recognition and image matching area. A large amount of image corner points are the intersecting points of the edges of polygons. A corner point extracting method based on support vector for regression(SVR) was proposed aimed at extracting(More)
The traditional agricultural machine design were represented as 2D drawing, which is difficult to modify, and also not intuitive in the solid way for the form and structure. Therefore, software, UG-NX3, was used to conduct parameterized design of stubble cleaner parts. The parts were designed associatively and assembled virtually. The structure of the whole(More)
Through constructing credit evaluation indicator system of listed companies, the paper uses the methods of factor analysis, expert scoring as well as triangular fuzzy number to calculate the weight of every factor which are dealt with dimensionless treatment and the total order of the indicators, thereby obtains comprehensive credit evaluation scores of(More)
Strategic investment in real estate is the investment based on strategic orientation. With the gradual maturity of the real estate market and the consumers becoming more and more rational, the real estate enterprises are required to change from traditional financial management to strategic management. Through making a comprehensive analysis of financial and(More)
Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a very useful approach to evaluate information technology (IT) investment efficiency, but the original DEA approach can only measure the IT investment efficiency on one specific stage when a multi-stage business process is present, and it cannot solve the problems of imprecise data. Thus, the paper improves the two-stage(More)
Transnational corporations (TNCs) which operate without borders cause the host country serious negative impacts such as environment and resources, and thus lead the government and its agents to set environmental barriers to restrict the conduct of TNCs. Green marketing efficiency of TNCs is the introduction of green into the business activities of TNCs.(More)
The high-frequency and low-frequency effects on vibrational resonance (VR) in a synthetic gene network are studied. Results show that the role of the high-frequency signal in VR acts as that of noise in stochastic resonance (SR), namely a high-frequency signal can change the effective value of the control parameter such that the random state-state(More)