Xiuzhen Yang

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To aim at the evaluation task of CLP2012 named entity recognition and disambiguation in Chinese, a Chinese name disambiguation method based on adaptive clustering with the attribute features is proposed. Firstly, 12-dimensional character attribute features is defined, and tagged attribute feature corpus are used to train to obtain the recognition model of(More)
This study aimed to evaluate factors associated with significant liver histological changes. Liver biopsies from 157 CHB patients were retrospectively analyzed. Only ALB was significantly correlated with advanced liver necroinflammatory (P = 0.001). Age, ALB, GLOB, AST, PLT, and PT were independent predictors of significant fibrosis (P = 0.002, P < 0.001, P(More)
A scheme of integrated guidance/autopilot design for missiles with impact angle constraints is studied in this paper. When the integrated guidance/autopilot model yaw plane is formulated, the guidance/control law with impact angel constraints is designed based on the backstepping idea and VSC theory. For the unavailable information of the maneuvering(More)
Bused on hypothesis testing, methods of sensor management used in target detection and localization are studied. The detector used in this problem can operate in "focused mode" and "broad search mode". The former offers higher detection and localization accuracy but less coverage area than the latter. It is supposed that a signal source is to be detected(More)
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