Xiuzhen Chen

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Semiconservative DNA replication ensures the faithful duplication of genetic information during cell divisions. However, how epigenetic information carried by histone modifications propagates through mitotic divisions remains elusive. To address this question, the DNA replication-dependent nucleosome partition pattern must be clarified. Here, we report(More)
The termini of a pair of xylanases, one of mesophilic and one of thermophilic origin, was studied by molecular dissection and systematic mutagenesis. The thermostability of the mesophilic xylanase SoxB from Streptomyces olivaceovirdis was significantly improved by substituting its 33 N-terminal amino acid residues with the corresponding residues of the(More)
Trichoderma reesei is thought to be a promising recombinant host for the production and secretion of complex proteins due to its ability to secrete large amounts of proteins. In this study we identified a functional N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase (NAGase) gene Nag1 in T. reesei. Nag1, a putative gene encoding a GH 20 family NAGase in T. reesei, was cloned and(More)
All current vulnerability assessment tools only can locate individual vulnerabilities on a single host without considering correlated effect of these vulnerabilities. Aiming at this issue, this paper proposes a method of generating attack graph based on privilege escalation. The vulnerabilities and known attacks with their prerequisites and consequences are(More)
Bronchobiliary fistula (BBF) is a rare complication of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of hepatocellular carcinoma. The rupture of a biloma following RFA may result in the development of BBF, with their early detection and timely management important in the prevention of BBF. The current study presents a case of BBF, which developed at 17 months after(More)
Two copies of each core histone exist in every nucleosome; however, it is not known whether both histones within a nucleosome are required to be symmetrically methylated at the same lysine residues. We report that for most lysine methylation states, wild-type histones paired with mutant, unmethylatable histones in mononucleosomes have comparable methylation(More)
Histone modifications play a vital role in the conformation and function of their associated chromatin templates [1]. Histone H3K27 methylation mediated by the PRC2 complex is critical for transcriptional regulation, Polycomb silencing, Drosophila segmentation, mammalian X inactivation and cancer [1]. Interestingly, H3K27me1 (H3 mono-methylated at residue(More)
Most network administrators have got unpleasant experience of being overwhelmed by tremendous unstructured network security alerts produced by heterogeneous devices. To date, various approaches have been proposed to correlate security alerts, including the adoption of attack graphs to clarify their causal relationship. However, there still lacks an(More)
Many security problems are caused by vulnerabilities hidden in enterprise computer networks. It is very important for system administrators to have knowledge about the security vulnerabilities. However, current vulnerability assessment methods may encounter the issues of high false positive rates, long computational time, and requirement of developing(More)
Evaluating behavior state of online communities is of critical importance for the study of online forum systems. A quantitative hierarchical state evaluation model is proposed in this paper to evaluate activeness degree of network groups focusing on one common topic. It consists of three levels: behavior, individual, and group. And the computational method(More)