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It was well known that angiotension II can inhibit hepatic stellate cell activation. The GABAB receptor was upregulated when the hepatic stellate cell line was stimulated by angiotension II in our previous study. But the role of the GABAB receptor in liver fibrosis has never been reported. In the present study, we investigated the effects of this receptor(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical values of T-lymphocyte cytokines in renal transplant acute rejection. METHODS A total of 31 recipients with renal transplantation and 15 healthy volunteers from January 2010 to January 2012 were enrolled and divided into acute rejection group (n = 11) and stable renal allograft function group (n = 20) according to the(More)
Hepatocellular Carcinoma is one of the most predominant malignancies with high fatality rate and is rising at an alarming rate because it is quite resistant to radioand chemotherapy. The proliferation, migration and activation of endothelial cells are involved in tumor occurrence and development. Indirubin is the major active anti-tumor ingredient of a(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a new detection method for cytomegalovirus (CMV) specific cytotoxic CD8(+)T cells and examine its proportion and significance in peripheral blood from kidney transplant recipients. METHODS A total of 30 recipients of kidney transplantation from January 2009 to December 2010 for the first time were enrolled. And 10 healthy volunteers(More)
Although the efficacy of tuberculosis (TB) vaccines is tightly linked to cell-mediated immunity, some functions of T and B cells in TB patients remain unclear. To address how Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection inhibits T effector responses, we assessed the proportions of T cell subsets and B cells in peripheral blood from pulmonary TB (PTB) patients,(More)
Calcineurin, a Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent serine/threonine protein phosphatase, plays a key role in a number of cellular pathways, including T-cell activation, and is an important molecular target of the immunosuppressive drugs cyclosporin A and FK506. To understand the structural basis underlying the activation of calcineurin by calmodulin, X-ray(More)
To provide a basis of molecular genetic analysis of M. tubereulosis, the proteomic profiling was prompted. M. tuberculosis H37RV was cultured in Sauton medium at 37 degrees C for 3 weeks, harvested and fractionated into three portions: suspension filtration proteins(A), cytosol proteins(B) and membrane proteins(C). These fractions were analyzed by pH3-10(More)
This paper presents a novel 1-DOF (degree-of-freedom) single-loop reconfigurable 7R mechanism with multiple operation modes (SLR7RMMOM), composed of seven revolute (R) joints, via adding a revolute joint to the overconstrained Sarrus linkage. The SLR7RMMOM can switch from one operation mode to another without disconnection and reassembly, and is a(More)
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