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Shifts between ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in relation to nitrification potential across trophic gradients in two large Chinese lakes (Lake Taihu and Lake Chaohu).
Ammonia oxidation plays a pivotal role in the cycling and removal of nitrogen in aquatic ecosystems. Recent findings have expanded the known ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes from Bacteria to Archaea.Expand
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Shifting nutrient-mediated interactions between algae and bacteria in a microcosm: evidence from alkaline phosphatase assay.
The impacts of different nutrient additions (N + P, N + P + C, 4N + P, 4N + P + C, N + 2P) on the growth of algae and bacteria were studied in a microcosm experiment. Since alkaline phosphataseExpand
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Limitations of using extracellular alkaline phosphatase activities as a general indicator for describing P deficiency of phytoplankton in Chinese shallow lakes
Extracellular phosphatase can be produced by phytoplankton to utilize organic phosphorus under phosphorus (P) deficiency. However, there is a controversy about its use as an indicator of P deficiencyExpand
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Detection of extracellular phosphatases in natural spring phytoplankton of a shallow eutrophic lake (Donghu, China)
The species-specific production of extracellular phosphatases in phytoplankton of a subtropical polymictic lake was investigated from March to May 2004. Phosphatase activity was detected directly atExpand
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Cause and effect of N/P ratio decline with eutrophication aggravation in shallow lakes.
To explore the relationship and cause and effect between eutrophication and the nitrogen (N)/phosphorus (P) ratio, samples from 38 lakes in Wuhan City, China, with differing degrees ofExpand
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Dredging effects on P status and phytoplankton density and composition during winter and spring in Lake Taihu, China
Phytoplankton density and composition, together with phosphorus (P) concentrations and size-fractionated alkaline phosphatase activity (APA), were investigated in dredged and undredged zones in LakeExpand
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The effect of organic matter accumulation on phosphorus release in sediment of Chinese shallow lakes.
The effects of organic matter in sediment on phosphorus release were studied by field investigations in eight Chinese shallow freshwater lakes with different trophic status and a laboratoryExpand
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Phosphorus fractions and alkaline phosphatase activity in sediments of a large eutrophic Chinese lake (Lake Taihu)
Spatial, vertical, and seasonal variations in phosphorus fractions and in alkaline phosphatase activity (APA) were investigated in sediments in a large-shallow eutrophic Chinese lake (Lake Taihu) inExpand
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Predominance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and nirK-gene-bearing denitrifiers among ammonia-oxidizing and denitrifying populations in sediments of a large urban eutrophic lake (Lake Donghu).
The coupled nitrification-denitrification process plays a pivotal role in cycling and removal of nitrogen in aquatic ecosystems. In the present study, the communities of ammonia oxidizers andExpand
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Adverse Effects of Ammonia on Nitrification Process: the Case of Chinese Shallow Freshwater Lakes
Nitrification is a process in which ammonia is oxidized to nitrite (NO2−) that is further oxidized to nitrate (NO3−). The relations between these two steps and ambient ammonia concentrations wereExpand
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