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Super-resolution (SR) algorithms for video sequences with high resolution (HR) guide frames can provide outstanding performances. Non-local means (NLM) algorithm compares the similarity between a pixel and its neighbors. NLM replaces every pixel with a weighted average of its neighbors. The NLM based SR algorithm can super-resolve low resolution (LR) frames(More)
This paper focuses on a problem of event-triggered stabilization for a class of nonuniformly sampled neural-network-based control systems (NNBCSs). First, a new event-triggered data transmission mechanism is designed based on the nonperiodic sampled data. Different from the previous works, the proposed triggering scheme enables the NNBCSs design to enjoy(More)
This paper focuses on a problem of event-based stabilization for a class of sampled-data neural-network-based control systems. By using a new discrete event-triggering mechanism, an event-based sampled-data three-layer fully connected feedforward neural-network-based controller is constructed. Compared with the conventional periodic sampled-data(More)
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