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Both live plants and dried straw of water hyacinth were applied to a sequential treatment of swine wastewater for nitrogen and phosphorus reduction. In the facultative tank, the straw behaved as a kind of adsorbent toward phosphorus. Its phosphorus removal rate varied considerably with contact time between the straw and the influent. In the laboratory, the(More)
Due to the fact that large amount of data today can only be stored in deep web. In view of the work done by others on deep web crawlers, it is extinct that no perfect, or even complete crawlers for deep web data has been made. To meet the needs of deep web search, we have worked out a new structure of crawler, currently concerned most on extracting data(More)
Alginate (Alg) has a long history as a food ingredient in East Asia. However, the human gut microbes responsible for the degradation of alginate and its derivatives have not been fully understood yet. Here, we report that alginate and the low molecular polymer derivatives of mannuronic acid oligosaccharides (MO) and guluronic acid oligosaccharides (GO) can(More)
With the development of network music digitization, how to effectively integrate the massive music resources on the web and to provide service for user has became an urgent problem to be solved. This paper designs a system which combines cloud computing and music integration. This architecture will provide technical support to the effective integration of(More)
Experiments were carried out to test the viability of growing Pleurotus geesteranus on media containing varying amounts of crushed water hyacinth slices, which were soaked in pig farm biogas fluid and dried. The water hyacinth material was utilized to substitute sawdust in the media for mushroom cultivation. Mushroom fruiting bodies harvested were evaluated(More)
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