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The miR-29b-Sirt1 axis regulates self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells in response to reactive oxygen species.
Endogenous reactive oxygen species (ROS) control is important for the maintenance of self-renewal of embryonic stem (ES) cells. Although miRNAs have been found to be critically involved in theExpand
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Sevoflurane inhibits embryonic stem cell self-renewal and subsequent neural differentiation by modulating the let-7a-Lin28 signaling pathway
The commonly used inhalational anesthetic, sevoflurane, can cause toxicity to the central nervous system of the developing fetus. Lin28 has been reported to regulate let-7a, thereby modulating embryoExpand
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Isoflurane Damages the Developing Brain of Mice and Induces Subsequent Learning and Memory Deficits through FASL-FAS Signaling
Background. Isoflurane disrupts brain development of neonatal mice, but its mechanism is unclear. We explored whether isoflurane damaged developing hippocampi through FASL-FAS signaling pathway,Expand
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The effects of general anesthetics on brain development of children
Background Children are on the peak stage of mental development,and their nervous system is highly plastic.Any medicine that has effect on the brain could impair the mental development of children.SoExpand