Xiuwan Chen

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Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors are valuable to flood mapping as radar wavelengths can penetrate cloud cover during floods and are insensitive to daylight. Algorithms that enable an automatic delineation of flooded areas are an essential component of any SAR-based monitoring service. In this paper, efficient image processing method based on(More)
Wi-Fi indoor positioning algorithms experience large positioning error and low stability when continuously positioning terminals that are on the move. This paper proposes a novel indoor continuous positioning algorithm that is on the move, fusing sensors and Wi-Fi on smartphones. The main innovative points include an improved Wi-Fi positioning algorithm and(More)
Mobile health (mHealth), as an important development direction of eHealth, is an innovative application of spatial information technology used in health field. In this paper, the key technology of location based mobile health system is studied and the system prototype is designed and implemented. The mobile monitoring terminal receives data collected by the(More)
— High-resolution satellite images offer abundance information of the earth surface for remote sensing applications. The information includes geometry 、 texture and attribute characteristic. The pixel-based image classification can't satisfy high-resolution satellite image's classification precision and produce large data redundancy. Object-oriented(More)