Xiuting Wei

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The reason of telecommunication disturbance was achieved by analyzing its process. A soccer-robot wireless communication system based on NRF2401A was developed to avoid the disturbance. The hardware module of receiving circuit and sending circuit was designed in detail. Meanwhile, the voltage switch circuit was designed to fulfill the different voltage(More)
Type synthesis of robot mechanism is an important and complicated research field. There are many type synthesis methods at present and different method is fit for different type of robot mechanism. This paper studies all kind of the degree of freedoms (DOF) for robot mechanism. Three DOFs including I-DOF, M-DOF and E-DOF are summarized and used to appraise(More)
Collaborative product development needs the wider support of Web manufacturing resources. A network-oriented resource service system and its key implementing technologies are presented in this paper. The manufacturing resource information is achieved through Web search engine and processed with semantic description. The system also realizes the(More)
Ball bonding is one of the most commonly used form of packaging of the MEMS sensors. Batch fabrication of the conventional IC ball bonding equipment characteristics limit the flexibility of the MEMS packaging. Continuous zoom microscope as a flexible micro-vision system and the combination of manual ball bonder, automatic ball bonding system for MEMS(More)
An external transverse-alternating magnetic field with sinusoidal and triangular alternating currents was applied to a combined plasma arc to create a plasma arc for expanding the cross section of arc column and flatting the distributions of arc temperature. Two mathematical models were developed to describe the heat flux density distributions of the(More)
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