Xiuting Shao

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A new surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based rate sensor pattern incorporating metallic dot arrays was developed in this paper. Two parallel SAW delay lines with a reverse direction and an operation frequency of 80 MHz on a same X-112°Y LiTaO3 wafer are fabricated as the feedback of two SAW oscillators, and mixed oscillation frequency was used to characterize(More)
Weak Coriolis force leads to low detection sensitivity of the surface acoustic wave (SAW) based gyroscope. To enhance the Coriolis force, a metallic dot array was advised to deposit along the SAW propagation path, and it is possible to develop a new progressing wave-based gyroscope with higher sensor sensitivity. In this paper, the approach of partial-wave(More)
The optimization of an surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based rate sensor incorporating metallic dot arrays was performed by using the approach of partial-wave analysis in layered media. The optimal sensor chip designs, including the material choice of piezoelectric crystals and metallic dots, dot thickness, and sensor operation frequency were determined(More)
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