Xiuqiong Zhang

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FCM is used for image segmentation in some applications. It is based on a specific distance norm and does not use spatial information of the image, so it has some drawbacks. Various kinds of improvements have been developed to extend the adaptability, such as BFCM, SFCM and KFCM. These methods extend FCM from two aspects, one is replacing the Euclidean(More)
A novel fusion method is proposed for image sequence which based on the non-Gaussian statistical modeling of wavelet coefficients and image enhancement in IHS color space of color visible image. Firstly, the original color visible image is transformed into a perceptually decorrelated color space in order to treat the achromatic and chromatic components(More)
A novel color fusion method is proposed for infrared and color visible images which based on the Bidimensional Empirical Model Decomposition (BEMD). Firstly, the original color visible image is transformed into the IHS color space. Then, the intensity component (I) and infrared image are decomposed into a set of Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMFs) and residues(More)
In order to fuse the visible and infrared images captured in low visibility conditions, a method based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) and generalized Gaussian distribution (GGD) is proposed in this paper. The statistical character of the directional coefficients decomposed by NSCT meet the GGD. So, the coefficients are estimated using absolute(More)
An efficient implementation of quick sort algorithm based on java muti-thread technology was proposed for multi-core computer system. According to Divide-and-Conquer method, it divided the data into a number of segments, and then merged the segments into one with Merge Algorithm based on multi-thread. The experimental results showed that the new(More)
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and image recognition, traditional simple CAPTCHA is facing the challenge of being cracked, while too complicated CAPTCHA is difficult for the humans to recognize. After summarizing some kinds of commonly-used CAPTCHA, this paper proposes a novel dynamic CAPTCHA based on persistence of vision, which is(More)
Enhanced vision especially in poor weather conditions can be achieved by image fusion between the infrared and visible images. Image registration is a crucial step in image fusion. In order to register the infrared and visible images captured in poor weather conditions, the registration method combing the Bidimensional Empirical Model Decomposition (BEMD)(More)
Image fusion involves merging two or more images in such a way as to retain the most desirable characteristics of each. When a color visible image is fused with infrared image, the desired result is a color image with natural color appearance and full information. In this paper, three image fusion algorithms based on Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) ,(More)
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