Xiuqiong Wang

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Annexin V is an intracellular protein that lacks a hydrophobic signal peptide. However, there are several studies reporting the extracellular presence of annexin V. In this study, we designed transgenes of annexin V with or without an attached secretory signal peptide and investigated the secretion of the transgene products in COS-7 cells. The signal(More)
OBJECTIVES Recurrent fetal loss can be a consequence of placental thrombosis, frequently occurring in autoimmune disorders such as antiphospholipid syndrome. A potent anticoagulant, annexin V, is abundant in placental tissues. We investigated the role of annexin V in maintaining fetal viability. STUDY DESIGN Sites of annexin V activity in placenta were(More)
This paper develops a differential duopolistic game where goods are differentiated and prices are sticky and firms can invest in market-enlarging promotional activities by advertising which have a public good nature. Compared to the previous literatures, the novelty of this paper rests on the fact that this paper proposes the new assumption of the price(More)
The exposure of anionic phospholipids on the external surface of injured endothelial cells and activated platelets is a primary biological signal to initiate blood coagulation. Disease conditions that promote the formation of ectopic thrombi result in tissue ischemia. Annexins, Ca2+-dependent anionic phospholipid binding proteins, are potential therapeutic(More)
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