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Spike-related traits contribute greatly to grain yield in wheat. To localize wheat chromosomes for factors affecting the seven spike-related traits—i.e., the spike length (SL), the basal sterile spikelet number (BSSN), the top sterile spikelet number (TSSN), the sterile spikelet number in total (SSN), the spikelet number per spike (SPN), the fertile(More)
In plants, hexokinase (HXK, EC, an enzyme normally involved in hexose phosphorylation, plays an important role in sugar sensing and signaling. The hexokinase activity of grape HXKs was confirmed by functional complementation of the hexokinase-deficient yeast strain YSH7.4-3C (hxk1, hxk2, glk1). HXK1 and HXK2 were able to complement this mutant. The(More)
Silicon nanowire (SiNW) arrays for radial p-n junction solar cells offer potential advantages of light trapping effects and quick charge collection. Nevertheless, lower open circuit voltages (Voc) lead to lower energy conversion efficiencies. In such cases, the performance of the solar cells depends critically on the quality of the SiNW interfaces. In this(More)
Without any information on the mixing system, the blind source separation (BSS) technique efficiently separates mixed signals. The approach called evolutionary algorithms was used for the BSS problem in this paper. The fitness function based on the feature distance and kurtosis was proposed to measure the degree of the separated signals in this paper.(More)
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