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A Latent Group Model for Group Recommendation
Increasingly, thousands of mobile services are provided by mobile Internet service portals. In order to push information that users may fond of, recommender system is needed. In some circumstances,Expand
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The clustering algorithm for Chinese texts based on Lingo
This paper presents a novel Chinese text clustering algorithm, named C-Lingo (Chinese Lingo), which improves the performance of Lingo Algorithm to replace the singular value decomposition (SVD) byExpand
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Budgeted mini-batch parallel gradient descent for support vector machines on Spark
Mini-batch gradient descent (MBGD) is an attractive choice for support vector machines (SVM), because processing part of examples at a time is advantageous when disposing large data. Similar to otherExpand
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A survey on the available digital TV bands for cognitive radio operations
  • Xiuqin Lin, Yang Fang
  • Computer Science
  • Fourth International Conference on Communications…
  • 20 November 2009
Cognitive Radio (CR) is a new emerging breakthrough technology which has strong potentiality to impact the way of spectrum access and management in future, as well as being a perfect scheme to solveExpand
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Research on the Mesh-Based P2P Streaming Network Scale
P2P Streaming has a Real-time requirement. In the Mesh-based network, the bandwidth of fresh peers who join the network is insufficient because of lacking of data copy, and the Real-time requirementExpand
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Log analysis in cloud computing environment with Hadoop and Spark
Log is the main source of the system operation status, user behavior analysis etc. Log analysis system needs not only the massive and stable data processing ability but also the adaptation to aExpand
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Phylogenetic Analysis of Different Ploidy Saccharum spontaneum Based on rDNA-ITS Sequences
Saccharum spontaneum L. is a crucial wild parent of modern sugarcane cultivars whose ploidy clones have been utilized successfully in improving the stress resistance and yield related traits ofExpand
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Polarized spectral analysis of Nd3+ ions in LaB3O6 biaxial crystal
Abstract Nd 3+ :LaB 3 O 6 crystal has been grown by the Czochraski method and the accurate concentration of Nd 3+ ions in the crystal was measured. The orientation relationship between theExpand
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The rapid growth of large-scale KDP single crystal in brief procedure
Abstract Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) is the necessary nonlinear optical material used to convert laser light to shorter wavelengths for laser fusion experiment. Large bulk KDP crystals,Expand
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Designing and assessing modeling and visualization technologies (MVT) enhanced learning
Models are the core of scientific theory. Some researchers have argued that modeling is fundamental to scientific inquiry (e.g. Clement, 2000). There has been increased literature on how to useExpand
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