Xiuqiao Xiang

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This paper proposes a novel approach for identification of Takagi–Sugeno (T–S) fuzzy model, which is based on a new fuzzy c-regression model (FCRM) clustering algorithm. The clustering prototype in fuzzy space partition is hyper-plane, so FCRM clustering technique is more suitable to be applied in premise parameters identification of T–S fuzzy model. A new(More)
In order to build accurate model for complicated nonlinear system in engineering, like boiler–turbine system, a novel fuzzy-modeling approach is proposed, which is based on a new fuzzy c-regression model (NFCRM) clustering algorithm and is able to determine the right number of rules automatically. In this method, NFCRM is applied to build the fuzzy(More)
Based on the chaotic oscillator, a method for weak signal detection using information fusion technology is proposed in this paper. On the one hand, various methods are employed to the amplitude detection of the same weak periodic signal, then the detection outcomes are fused by the adaptive weighted fusion method. On the other hand, during the detection(More)
Haar type orthogonal matrices (HTOMs) include Haar, Walsh and other orthogonal matrices intervenient former two. These matrices not only have fast algorithm but also can be obtained conveniently by varying any one of two parameters in the same program. However, they are rarely utilized in practice. For this reason, HTOMs are applied in the fault diagnosis(More)
In order to recognize shaft orbits exactly and quickly, a novel recognition method based on Walsh spectrum and support vector machine is proposed in this paper. Firstly, distance vector between the point on the shaft orbit and its center is calculated and obtained. Secondly, the distance vector is transformed by Walsh orthogonal matrix, and obtained Walsh(More)
The aim of this investigation is to describe a way of grey incidence analysis to achieve vibration fault pattern recognition for hydraulic generator units. In order to recognise the fault, the collected fault data are analyzed and then standard fault pattern sets of typical vibration faults for hydraulic generator units are founded. Fault pattern(More)