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MoS2/Graphene Composite Anodes with Enhanced Performance for Sodium‐Ion Batteries: The Role of the Two‐Dimensional Heterointerface
Graphene has been widely used as conformal nanobuilding blocks to improve the electrochemical performance of layered metal sulfides (MoS2, WS2, SnS, and SnS2) as anode materials for sodium-ionExpand
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MoS2 -on-MXene Heterostructures as Highly Reversible Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries.
Two-dimensional (2D) heterostructured materials, combining the collective advantages of individual building blocks and synergistic properties, have spurred great interest as a new paradigm inExpand
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MoS2 Nanosheets Vertically Aligned on Carbon Paper: A Freestanding Electrode for Highly Reversible Sodium‐Ion Batteries
The development of sodium-ion batteries for large-scale applications requires the synthesis of electrode materials with high capacity, high initial Coulombic efficiency (ICE), high rate performance,Expand
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SnS2 nanoplatelet@graphene nanocomposites as high-capacity anode materials for sodium-ion batteries.
Na-ion batteries have been attracting intensive investigations as a possible alternative to Li-ion batteries. Herein, we report the synthesis of SnS2 nanoplatelet@graphene nanocomposites by using aExpand
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Porous poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) polymer membrane with sandwich-like architecture for highly safe lithium ion batteries
Porous polymer membrane with a sandwich-like architecture has been prepared by coating poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) on poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropylene) (PVDF-HFP) porous membranes.Expand
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Porous heterostructured MXene/carbon nanotube composite paper with high volumetric capacity for sodium-based energy storage devices
Abstract The global availability of sodium and a possibility to avoid the use of copper current collectors make electrochemical sodium-ion storage attractive for battery and metal-ion capacitorExpand
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Hollow MXene Spheres and 3D Macroporous MXene Frameworks for Na-Ion Storage.
2D transition metal carbides and nitrides, named MXenes, are attracting increasing attentions and showing competitive performance in energy storage devices including electrochemical capacitors,Expand
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Sn@CNT nanopillars grown perpendicularly on carbon paper: A novel free-standing anode for sodium ion batteries
Abstract Sodium-ion batteries have attracted extensive interest for energy storage and conversion as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries. The development of advanced electrode materials isExpand
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A microwave synthesis of mesoporous NiCo2O4 nanosheets as electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.
A facile microwave method was employed to synthesize NiCo2 O4 nanosheets as electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. The structure and morphology of the materials wereExpand
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Microwave-assisted synthesis of mesoporous Co3O4 nanoflakes for applications in lithium ion batteries and oxygen evolution reactions.
  • S. Chen, Y. Zhao, +4 authors G. Wang
  • Medicine, Materials Science
  • ACS applied materials & interfaces
  • 27 January 2015
Mesoporous Co3O4 nanoflakes with an interconnected architecture were successfully synthesized using a microwave-assisted hydrothermal and low-temperature conversion method, which exhibited excellentExpand
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