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Obese, diabetic C57BL/Ks db/db mice that lack the long-form leptin receptor exhibit no decrease in body weight or food intake when treated with leptin. Here we compared responses to leptin in two strains of db/db mice: C57BL/6J mice that are hyperglycemic and hyperinsulinemic and C57BL/Ks that are hyperglycemic and normo- or hypoinsulinemic. Chronic(More)
Urocortin (UCN) has 45% sequence homology with corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) and binds to CRF receptors. We used reverse-transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction to demonstrate the presence of UCN RNA in various brain regions and in peripheral tissues. Ribonuclease protection assay (RPA) using sense and antisense riboprobes demonstrated the presence(More)
Although mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) promote lung cancer growth in vivo, in vitro studies indicate that they inhibit the proliferation of lung cancer cells. Because malignant tumors contain a heterogeneous cell population with variable capacity for self-renewal, the aim of this study was to determine whether the inconsistencies between in vitro and in(More)
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