Xiuming Huang

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The paper claims that the right attachment rules for phrases originally suggested by Frazier and Fodor are wrong, and that none of the subsequent patchings of the rules by syntactic methods have improved the situation. For each rule there are perfectly straightforward and indefinitely large classes of simple counterexamples. We then examine suggestions by(More)
The paper is a description of a parallel model for natural language parsing, and a design for its implementa t ion on the Hype,'eube multiproeessor. The pm'allel model is based on the Semantic Definite Clause Grammar formalism and integrates syntax and semantics th rough the commmfication of processes. The main proeessess, of which there are six, contain(More)
This paper concerns the resolution of lexical ambiguity in a machine translation environment. We describe the integration of principles of selection restrictions. Preference Semantics, and intelligent relaxation of constraints in handling lexical ambiguity. The approach differs from many previous MT systems in that it is more powerful than ‘brute force’(More)
Machine translation systems can gain wider application if they can be operated in a monolingual environment. To design such systems, the major issue is how to assure the user that the translation is correct without understanding either the source or the target language. This paper first discusses the various approaches to assuring correct translation in a(More)
We describe herein a case of complete video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy of the left lower lobe and lung lymph node dissection. The patient was a 67-year-old man. A physical examination revealed a nodule in the left lower lobe that had been present for 7 years. According to the chest computed tomography (CT) report recently, a diagnosis of lung cancer(More)