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This paper deals with the problem of computer analysis algorithm for the extended dynamic leontief input-output model. A new mathematic method is applied to study the singular systems without converting them into general systems. The parameter uncertainties are considered and are assumed to be Markovian jumping system. A new stability criterion for this(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are desirable to offer continuous services even in the case of sensor failures. Deploying redundant sensors or mobile sensors to guarantee service continuity may not be cost-effective. In contrast, this paper resorts to mobile robots that replace failed sensors in an on-demand manner. A rendezvous overlay is proposed on the(More)
BitTorrent-like networks are prevailing on Internet, facilitating quick distribution of media files to large numbers of users via aggregating upload bandwidth at the user side. Their successes lie in initial optimistic blocks and active reciprocation on all established connections. However, some misbehaving peers may exploit or sabotage such premises,(More)
Bit Torrent is arguably the most prevalent file sharing protocol on the Internet. In Bit Torrent swarms, seeds usually offer file chunks for free and thus induce free-riding behavior. Some anti-Bit Torrent companies even launch targeted attacks against the seeds. This paper proposes a batch mechanism for proper functioning of the seeds. It applies(More)