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Cytoglobin (CYGB) is ubiquitously expressed in all tissues and has been characterized as a respiratory protein in connective tissues. CYGB is up-regulated during hypoxia, implicating its function in maintaining the homeostasis redox of the cell. Here, we study the underlying molecular mechanisms by which hypoxia regulates human CYGB gene expression. When(More)
To test the possibility of producing a novel hepatitis B vaccine in plants, the modified hepatitis B virus (HBV) surface antigen (HBsAg) gene SS1 was expressed in rice under the control of the seed-specific Glub-4 promoter. The SS1 gene encodes a fusion protein consisting of amino acids 21–47 of the hepatocyte receptor-binding presurface 1 region (preS1)(More)
Cytoglobin (CYGB) is a member of the vertebrate globin family together with hemoglobin, myoglobin and neuroglobin. Although the physiological function of CYGB is still unclear, spectroscopic studies show that CYGB contains a hexacoordinated heme pocket similar to other pentacoordinated globin proteins. CYGB shares a common phylogenetic ancestry with(More)
As the 2012 end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol is fast approaching, there is a strong realisation that the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects have no doubt been playing an important role globally, particularly in promoting clean development in China. Consequently, the prospects for the CDM market in the post-Kyoto era are(More)
Stroke is considered as the second leading cause of death worldwide. The survivors of stroke experience different levels of impairment in brain function resulting in debilitating disabilities. Current therapies for stroke are primarily palliative and may be effective in only a small population of stroke patients. In this study, we explore the(More)
A novel collaborative representation model with hierarchical multiscale local binary pattern (HM-LBP) for palmprint recognition is proposed in this paper. HM-LBP can retrieve useful information from non-uniform patterns and reduce the influence of gray scale, rotation and illumination. The HM-LBP feature of palmprint is extracted, and its dimension is(More)