Xiumei Fan

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To avoid random and blindfold forwarding decision in Spray and Wait routing in delay tolerant network, Binary Spray and Wait routing based on average delivery probability is proposed in this paper. Based on delivery predictability of PROPHET, average delivery predictability is proposed and used in Binary Spray and Wait routing to make forwarding decision.(More)
With the development of information technology, the demand for video transmission in wireless networks rapidly increases. The traditional traffic shaping algorithms cannot fully (or adequately) meet the demand for high-quality video transmission in wireless networks. Aiming to reduce this problem, this paper proposes a new multi-service flow, token bucket(More)
Tolerant Network (DTN) is a kind of network with high latency and frequent disconnection. To guarantee the success of delivering a message to the destination and to make time cost as low as possible, routers in this kind of network (DTN) need to multi copy the message and store it longer than routers in other kinds of network. This paper focuses on the(More)
Links in Challenged Networks, particularly in Delay Tolerance Networks, are mostly disconnected due to the mobility, fallibility and scarcity of nodes. Owing to its intermittent connectivity, there exists substantive uncertainty, in which fuzziness and randomness are the most important and fundamental. In this paper, in virtue of the relationship analysis(More)
In virtue of its widespread application scenarios, especially in battlefield communication, disaster rescue, satellite and deep-space transmission, Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network ( hereinafter referred to as DTN ) has become one of the most attractive focuses in research for future Internet. Due to the intermittent connectivity, mobility of nodes, signal(More)