Xiuling Zhou

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In this study, an esterase, designated EstC23, was isolated from a soil metagenomic library. The protein was amenable to overexpression in Escherichia coli under control of the T7 promoter, resulting in expression of the active, soluble protein that constituted 30% of the total cell protein content. This enzyme showed optimal activity at 40 °C and retained(More)
Saussurea involucrata Kar. et Kir. tolerates severe abiotic stresses including cold, and the level of membrane fatty acid desaturation is associated with its cold acclimation. We discovered and characterized a full-length cDNA of stearoyl acyl-carrier-protein desaturase (sikSACPD) which encodes a protein consisted of 396 amino acids. A sequence alignment of(More)
The CHSO algorithm is a fast algorithm for computing the contribution of a point to the hypervolume of the whole set directly. In this paper an improved CHSO is described. And it is explained by theory why not only the points in the first nondominated front, but also the points in the second nondominated front which are dominated only by one of points in(More)
Regularization is a solution to solve the problem of unstable estimation of covariance matrix with a small sample set in Gaussian classifier. And multi-regularization parameters estimation is more difficult than single parameter estimation. In this paper, KLIM_L covariance matrix estimation is derived theoretically based on MDL (minimum description length)(More)
The computational complexity of kernel 2DPCA is mainly determined by the product of the number of input image samples and rows of matrix. For the large number of this product, it is computational intractable to directly calculate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of kernel matrix in kernel 2DPCA. In this paper, a method called M2D-PCA is proposed to(More)
A novel chitinolytic enzyme-producing bacterium Chitiniphilus sp. LZ32 was isolated. Non-pretreated Housefly larvae powder (HLP) was used as an adsorbent to purify chitinolytic enzymes. The optimal conditions for hydrolysis of HLP by purifying enzymes chitinolytic enzymes were investigated. HPLC and MALDI-TOF analyses indicated that HLP enzymatic(More)
Regularization is a solution for the problem of unstable estimation of covariance matrix with a small sample set in Gaussian classifier. In many applications such as image restoration, sparse representation, we have to deal with multi-regularization parameters problem. In this paper, the case of covariance matrix estimation with multi-regularization(More)