Xiuling Wang

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Caffeine and aspirin have been suggested to be involved in neurologic diseases, such as schizophrenia, and previous data have revealed that abnormal expression of HERV-W elements may be an important factor in the etiopathogenesis of those diseases. In this article, we reported that caffeine and aspirin contributed to the expression of HERV-W env and gag in(More)
—A high dynamic range CMOS image sensor with inpixel light-to-frequency conversion has been designed. The prototype chip was fabricated in a standard 0.18-µm single-poly six-metal CMOS technology. The experimental results show that, operating at 1.2 V, the sensor can achieve a linear dynamic range of over 115 dB and an overall dynamic range of over 130 dB.
WRKY transcription factors form one of the largest transcription factor families and function as important components in the complex signaling processes that occur during plant stress responses. However, relative to the research progress in model plants, far less information is available on the function of WRKY proteins in cotton. In the present study, we(More)
We quantize the generalized-Witt algebra in characteristic 0 with its Lie bialgebra structures discovered by Song-Su ([10]). Via a modulo p reduction and a modulo " p-restrictedness " reduction process, we get 2 n −1 families of truncated p-polynomial noncocommutative deformations of the restricted universal enveloping algebra of the Jacobson-Witt algebra(More)
We construct convex PBW-type Lyndon bases for two-parameter quantum groups Ur,s(so 2n+1) with detailed commutation relations. These serve as prerequisites of all discussions later. We show that the restricted two-parameter quantum groups ur,s(so 2n+1) (r, s are roots of unity) are of Drinfeld double under a certain condition. All of isomorphisms of ur,s(so(More)
Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) are members of a multifunctional enzyme super family that plays a pivotal role in both insecticide resistance and protection against oxidative stress. In this study, we identified a single-copy gene, AccGSTD, as being a Delta class GST in the Chinese honey bee (Apis cerana cerana). A predicted antioxidant response element,(More)
A multiscale modeling project for wind energy assessment in central Nevada has been conducted. The PSU/NCAR fifth-generation Mesoscale Model (MM5) was used in conjunction with an h-adaptive finite element model and local tower data for a 1-year cycle for the central region. The MM5 results and the local tower data are used as input into the microscale(More)
WRKY transcription factors constitute a very large family of proteins in plants and participate in modulating plant biological processes, such as growth, development and stress responses. However, the exact roles of WRKY proteins are unclear, particularly in non-model plants. In this study, Gossypium hirsutum WRKY41 (GhWRKY41) was isolated and transformed(More)
A cost-effective numerical model has been developed which employs hp-adaptive finite elements to construct velocity fields and Lagrangian particles to predict contaminant dispersion patterns. The adaptive finite element method is based on both mesh enrichment (h-adaptation) and spectral order incensement (p-adaptation). The use of Lagrangian particles(More)
We construct finite-dimensional pointed Hopf algebras ur,s(G 2) (i.e. restricted 2-parameter quantum groups) from the 2-parameter quantum group Ur,s(G 2) defined in [HS], which turn out to be of Drinfel'd doubles, where a crucial point is to give a detailed combinatorial construction of the convex PBW-type Lyndon basis for type G 2 in 2-parameter quantum(More)