Xiulin Geng

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Extracting important statistical patterns from wind speed time series at different time scales is of interest to wind energy industry in terms of wind turbine optimal control, wind energy dispatch/scheduling, wind energy project design and assessment, and so on. In this paper, a systematic way is presented to estimate the first order (one step) Markov chain(More)
To research the relationships among the completion time, the original image complexity, gender difference, image resolution and recognizing the image or not, the jigsaw puzzle tasks were planed and tested in simulated prosthetic vision. The original images were divided into three difficulty levels, then came to the conclusion by using the program interface(More)
In order to effectively aid the blind with optimal low-resolution vision and visual recovery training, pathfinding and recognition tests were performed using a simulated visual prosthetic scene. Simple and complex virtual scenes were built using 3DMAX and Unity, and pixelated to three different resolutions (32 × 32, 64 × 64, and 128 × 128) for real-time(More)
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