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For nonlinear systems without hardware redundancy, a fault tolerant control design based on MPC (model predictive control) against actuator failures is presented. The nonlinear system is decoupled by a static state feedback. Then MPC algorithm is designed for the decoupled system. In case of actuator failures, the reference inputs are recomputed by using(More)
In order to meet the need of high speed data transfer in ultrasonic inspection nowadays, a PC and USB based high speed digital ultrasonic flaw detector is introduce. The technology of USB (universal serial bus), especially USB2.0 facilitates the connection of PC to peripheral, and accelerates data transfer. By using the USB interface the speed of data(More)
Discriminant pursuit selects time-frequency atoms as discriminant features that differentiate signals of different classes. Nonlinear distance measure was proposed to replace the common Euclid distance measure in Fisher's class separability criterion, which was used as discriminant criterion in discriminant pursuit. The presented method emphasizes(More)
Time-frequency distribution series (TFDS) is introduced to represent ultrasonic signals, detect and locate defects, because TFDS can effectively decrease the cross-terms with a minimum degradation of the desired properties. Moreover, considering the time-frequency concentration of the time-frequency energy atoms, the improved TFDS reduces the computational(More)
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