Xiulai Gao

Yan Wu1
David T Yew1
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Diffraction enhanced imaging (DEI) is one of the phase contrast imaging methods using the monochromatic X-ray from synchrotron, which provides information on the out-of-plane angular deviation of X-ray. DEI allows the investigation of micro-structures inside weakly absorbing samples at high spatial resolution without serious radiation exposure. Tomographic(More)
Soluble oligomeric amyloid-β (Aβ) is thought to induce synaptic dysfunction during early stages of Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this report, we show that soluble Aβ downregulates the levels of two synaptic proteins, PSD-95 and synaptophysin, and that this effect can be blocked by MK-801 (NMDAR antagonist) and ifenprodil (NR2B antagonist). Low (1 μM) and(More)
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