Xiujuan Yang

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The three-dimensional distributing discipline of additional stress and settlement of homogeneous soil is studied by using finite element method, for the foundation of good-sized oil storage tank. The finite element results are proved reliable and reasonable, compared with those by formula of criterion. Then, according to the geological references of(More)
As there are a lot of factors with complexity and uncertainty, the process of coal-bed methane under balanced drilling has great risk. In order to overcome the one-sidedness and limitation caused by single evaluation method, the combined evaluation model for coal-bed methane under balanced drilling is established based on the combined evaluation theory. And(More)
The vehicle-bridge coupled equations of multiple vehicles parallel are established by combining the equations of motion of both the bridge and the vehicle using the displacement relationship and the interaction force relationship at the contact point. The equation can be solved by the Runge-Kutta method in time domain, and a MATLAB program of bridge dynamic(More)
The displacement back analysis model for cross-river tunnel is proposed in this paper according to the nonlinear-least-squares method. In the model, a penalty function is used to translate the constrained boundary into unconstrained. The numerical solutions of the model are carried out by traditional Gauss-Newton-Marquardt (G-N-M) algorithm and improved(More)
Abstract: The motive of the study is to establish a seepage flow model of pinnate horizontal well in infinite reservoir according to the characteristics of 3D distribution of CBM pinnate horizontal well. Taking flow pressure drop along the main and branch boreholes into consideration, the fluid flow formulas of CBM pinnate horizontal well are proposed. The(More)
The lifting winch drum usually bearing a relatively large load and there will be many irrational design problems, when the key coupling is used. For example, the strength of key coupling between the drum shaft and drum body can't meet the strength requirement. The expansion bushing, a type of non-key coupling connection, is introduced to solve these(More)
The axial load is generated for 64m and 80m lift masts under the state of vertical hoisting, so it is needed to analyze the total strength and stability of the lift mast to ensure the hoisting security before formal application. Critical load of linear elastic buckling is computed for 64m and 80m large lift mast under the condition of inclined steel cables(More)