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Recommender systems are constructed to search the content of interest from overloaded information by acquiring useful knowledge from massive and complex data. Since the amount of information and the complexity of the data structure grow, it has become a more interesting and challenging topic to find an efficient way to process, model, and analyze the(More)
In this paper, a novel approach for neural network ensemble called Simple Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machine (SE-ELM) is proposed. It is proved theoretically in this study that the generalization ability of an ensemble is determined by the diversity of its components’ output space. Therefore SE-ELM regards the diversity of components’ output space as a(More)
OBJECTIVES In China, there have been an increasing number of migrant workers from rural to urban areas, and migrant workers have the highest incidence of occupational diseases. However, few studies have examined the impact of occupational stress on job burnout in these migrant workers. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between occupational(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm for computing and maintaining recently frequent patterns which is more stable and smaller than the data stream and dynamically updating them with the incoming transactions. Our study mainly has two contributions. First, a regression-based data stream model is proposed to differentiate new and old transactions. The(More)
Xu Xiujuan1, Jia Lifeng1, Wang Zhe1, Zhang Hongyan1,2, Liang Shuang3, Zhou Chunguang1 1College of Computer Science, Key Laboratory of Symbol Computation and Knowledge Engineering of the Ministry of Education, Jilin University, Changchun 130012, China 2Changchun Institute of Technology 130023, China 3Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University(More)
Given the features that Discrete Instructure Mathematics have Strong theory, the abstract content, and independent Sections, the paper proposed that teaching in expensive, not in too many. The article takes partial order relation as an example to explain how to cayrry on teaching import and export. By studying partial order relation, students' abstract(More)
Combined with the authors’ practice in teaching Engineering Mathematics for many years, this paper focuses on how to strengthen the ability of students in teaching theoretical knowledge. It puts forward a specific training plan, which includes learning ability, innovate thinking and logical thinking ability, imaginative ability, scientific(More)