Xiujuan Pan

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Herein, we report a novel model that combines supramolecular chemistry and the LB technique for the chirality regulation of the PDA films. The helical packing of PCDA molecules and the chiroptical properties of the resulting PDA LB films can be easily modulated by different azobenzene derivatives. Moreover, the effect of the photo-isomerization of(More)
In order to investigate the exact effect of stereoregular packing of head group in the side chain on the helical structure formation of polydiacetylene backbone, the larger size of bisazobenzene-substituted diacetylene monomer, 4-(4-nitrophenylazo) azobenzene-10, 12-pentacosadiynoate (BNADA) was synthesized successfully. Owing to overcrowded packing of(More)
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