Xiujuan Ji

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In this paper, we present a new tool, RL_Detector, which performs static analysis to detect resource leaks for C programs. The algorithm is inter-procedural and path-sensitive, and it is based on an underlying resource management property: the data flow from resource <i>allocation</i> point must reach resource <i>deallocation</i> point, otherwise the(More)
Activated carbon was developed from sewage sludge using pyrolusite as an additive. It was demonstrated that the removal efficiency of two synthetic dyes (Tracid orange GS and Direct fast turquoise blue GL) by the produced adsorbent was up to 97.6%. The activated carbon with pyrolusite addition had 38.2% higher surface area, 43.8% larger micropore and 54.4%(More)
Due to the increasing complexity of web and client application's structure, security problem has become more and more critical. Among all the threats reported, SQL Injection Attacks (SQLIAs) have always been top-ranked in recent years, and network logs, which are very important for the detection of SQLIA, are often utilized to analyze the user's attacking(More)
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