Xiujuan Bao

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Synchronous generator model has important influences on analyses of power system stability. This paper presents that how to build the third-order mathematical model of the synchronous generator by selecting the improved Euler, and use MFC instrument provided by Visual C + + to create a complete simulation program. Then we can prove that this third-order(More)
Partitional clustering algorithms are the most widely used approach in clustering problems. However, how to evaluate the clustering performance of these algorithms remains unanswered due to the lack of an efficient measure for accurately representing the separation among partitioned clusters. In this paper, based on twomost commonly used partitional(More)
A compact diode-end-pumped actively Q-switched intracavity Raman laser with Tm,Ho:GdVO(4) laser gain medium and BaWO(4) Raman gain crystal is demonstrated for the first time. The Raman threshold is as low as 2.0 W of diode power at 802 nm. The highest average output power of 186 mW at the first Stokes wavelength of 2533 nm is obtained at a pulse repetition(More)
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