Xiuhua Zhang

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Synthetic lethality (SL) has emerged as a promising approach to cancer therapy. In contrast to the costly and labour-intensive genome-wide siRNA or CRISPR-based human cell line screening approaches, computational approaches to prioritize potential synthetic lethality pairs for further experimental validation represent an attractive alternative. In this(More)
Recently, it is still difficult to extract interested object from complex background. In this field, interactive image segmentation method has attracted much attention in the vision. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm to segment the interested object from complex background. In the algorithm, we use the improved K-means clustering in the LUV color(More)
2-Mercaptoethanol self-assembled monolayer (ME/Au SAMs) was prepared on a gold electrode. The ME/Au SAMs was characterized by using ATR-FTIR and dynamic contact angle measurements. The electrochemical behaviors of noradrenaline (NE) on the ME/Au SAMs were studied in BR buffer solution. The modified electrode accelerated electron transfer rate of the redox(More)
In this paper, a new type of ratiometric fluorescent probe HBT-TCF with large emission shift (up to 200 nm) has been developed for sensing HSO3 − based on Michael-type addition reaction. The probe could fast recognize of HSO3 − within 3 min in PBS buffer solution. The detection limit of the probe for HSO3 − is as low as 101 nM. Meanwhile, the sensing(More)
In the process of billet detection and recognition, the self-adaptability research of billet character segmentation in the complex scene is a highly complicated intelligence problem. On account of a good many of factors, such as the uneven ends of billet, the rusty billets, the non-standard printed characters and so on, the irregular characters at ends of(More)
This paper presents a method for extracting and recognizing the billet numbers according to the feature of each number. Its advantages lie in that no template image is required, the requirement to the number in the image is low, and the anti-interference performance is strong. This method is able to recognize the numbers on the billet with a high efficiency.