Xiuhua Yuan

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We propose a wide field-of-view optical receiver design based on a fisheye lens and an off-axis catadioptric structure for free-space optical communications. The design utilizes a novel fisheye lens group to compress a wide field angle into a narrow field angle and produce the appropriately collimated light that can effectively be coupled into the following(More)
The most important components of the cognitive radio concept is its ability to measure, sense and learn. One also should be aware of the parameters related to the radio channel characteristics and the availability of spectrum and power. In cognitive radio technology, primary users can be defined as the users who have the highest priority on the usage of a(More)
The mould polishing is a complex material removal process under various polishing conditions. The process parameters (polishing pressure, tool speed, feed rate, polishing times, pose angle, etc.) and material parameters (workpiece material, abrasive tool material) have effects on surface roughness. In this paper, a new surface roughness model based on(More)
In order to realize the characteristics of the numerical control system including expandability and reconfigurability and to construct open CNC system platform with higher reliability, this paper established a component assembly model for numerical control system based on reliability. The numerical control system is divided into functional components which(More)
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