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According to the property of wavelet transform and fabric texture's Fourier spectrum, a new method for defect detection was presented. The proposed method is based on wavelet lifting transform with one resolution level. By using restoration scheme of the Fourier transform, the normal fabric textures of smooth sub-image in the spatial domain are removed by(More)
To study the water entry ballistic trajectory of a torpedo, the wind tunnel experiment has been done based on the similarity principle. Then the drag coefficient of the torpedo is got when it enters the water, which is amended by the introduction of continuous supercavitation factor and local cavity effect factor. The vertical plane motion equations are(More)
On the basis of wavelet and singular signal characteristic analysis, a new defect detection method based on wavelet characteristics is presented. Firstly, to select wavelet filters of compact support and high vanishing moment properties are regarded as finite biorthogonal filters. Secondly, the new wavelet with concussive and filters coefficients of(More)
It is a great interest in achieving a practical approach to predict and assess the dynamical behavior of UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) during incautious water entry or its launching. In this paper the oblique water-entry impacting model of UUV is established based on exact body shape approach during the initial stage of UUVpsilas entering the water(More)
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