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Noises are common during operation, so the noise analysis and noise removal is necessary. High level vibration and noise may lead to the control valve fully open. After analyzing the causes of vibration and noise, the noise estimation formula put forward by Masonneilan company is used to estimate noise, and two measures of pipeline modification and valve(More)
The whole mechanical test procession, especially transmission cable is effected evidently by environment temperature fluctuation. So of particular interest in the paper is to discuss the resistance and inductance parameters of multiconductor at environment of changing temperature. A new approach with the given formulas is presented to calculate electric(More)
The transmission line parameters are of importance for signal propagation, and, the characteristic of these parameters will be represented as temperature-dependence due to the effect from the change of ambient temperature. So of particular interest in the paper is to establish an effective extracting method for transmission parameters, and the development(More)
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