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Although several site-specific nucleases (SSNs), such as zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs), transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs), and the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (CRISPR)/Cas, have emerged as powerful tools for targeted gene editing in many organisms, to date, gene targeting (GT) in plants remains a formidable(More)
This paper presents a survey of off-line siwature verification. Off-line signature verification systems are widely used in many areas. The off-line signature features are classified. Many approaches of verification have been investigated. We will discuss these approaches respectively in details and make a comparison. Finally, we will propose some problems(More)
This paper presents the research toward centimetre-scale autonomous robotic fish mimicking a kind of goldfish. The robotic fish is propelled by an iconic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) actuator and equipped with a microcontroller and an infrared sensor for wireless control, autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance. To improve turning ability of the(More)
A centimeter-scale robotic fish is proposed and realized in this paper. The robotic fish mimics a type of small crucian. Its swimming pattern of cruise-straight, cruise-in-turning, burst and coast are realized respectively. The remote control function is realized at the base of an infrared sensor. An IPMC actuator and two pieces of PVC film construct a(More)
Automatic detection of underwater objects using side-scan sonar imagery is complicated by the variability of objects, noises, and background signatures. In recent years, as the resolution of side-scan sonar is much higher than before, the sonar imagery can be generated from sonar signal for processing. The first step of underwater object detection is to(More)
This paper introduces the development of biomimetic underwater microrobots consisting of AVR microcontroller, an infrared ray communication system, and ionic conducting polymer film (ICPF) actuators. We use AVR ATmega16 as the control unit and an infrared ray receiver to provide feedback to the AVR unit. The spiral particle pathway searching approach is(More)
Underwater vehicles have become an important tool to develop oceans. The design of the shape, hardware circuit and software of a water jet propulsion spherical underwater vehicle was introduced, and the characteristics of water jet pump were presented. The design of the thruster and computation of the thrust was proposed, too. A desired movement result was(More)
Recently, MIS (minimum invasive surgery) has attracted most of doctors and patient. It has been widely used in many kinds of surgeries, especially in intravascular neurosurgery. But there are several problems in intravascular neurosurgery: doctor's exposure to X-ray, few well skilled doctors, high risk of the catheter insertion. To solve these problems, we(More)
MIS (minimum invasive surgery) as a new method for intravascular neurosurgery has attracted most of doctors and patients in recent years. But there are several problems in intravascular neurosurgery: doctors' operating under X-ray, few well skilled doctors and high risk of the catheter insertion. In order to solve these problems, we develop a highly precise(More)
Surgical simulation is a promising technology for training medical students and planning procedures. Although an amount of research efforts have been dedicated to simulating the deformation of soft tissues, modeling of soft tissue deformation is still a challenging problem. From the viewpoint of real-time simulation, this paper presents a novel deformation(More)